We bring

equality opportunity love justice for children.

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We bring

equality opportunity love justice for children.

Project Concept

The Justice Club is an NFT project native to the Cardano network with a sales conversion proposal to assist children’s charities in helping and maintaining the quality of life of children living in poverty. Per drop, two charities will receive $50,000 to help children’s futures.

“Imagine the cure to cancer is stuck in the mind of a child who does not have access to education”


The Justice Club has a range of wacky and cheeky ‘Justice Warriors’ who are coming through the Cardano blockchain to represent, protect and be the voice of the voiceless. There will be multiple waves of the ‘Warriors’ and each wave will be made up of unique characters which will aim to fight a unique social cause. Our first drop is the Teddy Bears

Collection of 7120 NFTs

Mint Price: 30A

Charity: KIDS.org.uk / Action for Children

The real good impact of NFTS

Why we build with Cardano

Open Source

Cardano is a project developed by thousands of people around the world, it is a decentralized project working through Proof of Stake, you can actively participate in the development of Cardano and new technologies.


The network works with Proof of Stake, not Proof of Work, this makes mining not necessary to generate new blocks,  Nodes in Cardano spend on average 0.01% energy of Bitcoin. You can read more about it here, and here.


The entire minting process is done quickly, with extremely low gas prices, you randomly receive your NFT after deposit within minutes. That means you don’t need to spend the entry price on multiple projects just on gas fee!