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A small light is a necessary bridge to illuminate the whole world.

We believe that charitable initiatives have the power to change the reality of children in vulnerable conditions, The Justice Club is a project that directly aims to make the path that children in need will tread in the future safe and sustainable.

The Justice Club is a concept that aims to use NFTs to fight various injustices and inequality such as child poverty. As founders of this project we have experienced first hand injustices, unfairness, difficulties and challenging circumstances. Having grown up in a disadvantaged area allowed us to see many social inequalities and hardships that people were going through, including ourselves. We were the lucky ones, we managed to educate ourselves and had the initiative to go on and start successful careers. We believe in giving back, we believe that children should not have the burden of worrying over their entitlements nor their future – something that is a basic human right for us all.


“Imagine the cure to cancer is stuck in the mind of a child who does not have access to education” Education played a key role in our ability to get to where we are, not only has it provided us with countless opportunities but has enabled us to be in a fortunate enough position as teachers, where we are able to contribute and partake in the successful and joyful endeavours of our children. However, this is not always the reality. Each and every child has their own story, their own hardships and injustices they face on a daily basis. We believe it is our responsibility and duty to ensure they are able to focus on their future, goals and simply live life without such worries, as every kid should be able to – this level of comfort and freedom to focus will allow them to become impactful individuals in the future. This will play a role in our donation policy regarding some of the charities we work with during different waves of this project.


The Justice Club has a range of wacky and cheeky ‘Justice Warriors’ who are coming through the Cardano blockchain to represent, protect and be the voice of the voiceless. There will be multiple waves of the ‘Warriors’ and each wave will be made up of unique characters which will aim to fight a unique social cause. Our first wave of these justice warriors will be Teddy Bears, created by our extremely talented in-house artist Yme! There will be 7120 Teddy’s and they will form a fearless team that will be representing the young people of society in particular. Each 7120 Teddy will be representing 50,000 children across the world. 7120 x 50,000 = 356,000,000. Why is this figure important? Because there are unfortunately 356 million children in poverty – we have a lot of work to do! Be a part of this community and project to show your support.


The Justice Club Wave 1 consists of Teddy’s that represent all walks of life including fantasy. These Teddy’s will comprise of the rich, the poor, the good, the bad, the happy, the sad and more. Our Teddy’s include Judges, Superheroes, Astronauts, Police Officers, Criminals, Military Officers, Medieval Warriors and even zombies!


Founder/Project Manager

Head of Economics in a school in United Kingdom, lives in London and does the project management for The Justice Club, has been a crypto enthusiast and involved in cryptocurrency for 5 years. Created The Justice Club to fight against injustices and inequality for child poverty.


Artist/Graphic Designer

Creator of all the artwork on TJC, currently working as an illustrator and designer, completed her studies in Japan and spent a decade evolving drawing skills on Brazil. Hugely inspired by a range of oriental culture along with gaming and animations.

Real people with life-changing results


Marketing Manager

Accountant by degree with a background and passion in computer science and marketing living in United Kingdom, avid fan of NFT"s ever since of artworks on other blockchains years ago. Lover of the digital world concept, believes in a world that will look more inclusive for everyone in next years.


Advisor/Front-End Developer

Dentist by graduation, postgraduate on Marketing and MBA on Process Management / Business Management, lives in a countryside city in São Paulo, loves the concept of UBI and charitys being introduced on cryptocurrency, work as creator/front-end dev on other projects on Cardano.