What is The Justice Club (TJC) Policy ID?

Policy ID: 116c10b503f6a40b1068ef3470c1bbca3ab64f7d125c9754abb166a7

How many are being minted and at what price?

There will be a total of 7120 unique CNFTs for Wave 1. The mint price will be 30 ADA.

Why are there 7120?

There are 7120 unique NFTs as each of the Teddy Bears represent and fight for 50,000 children in poverty across the world. 7120 x 50,000 = 356,000,000. Why is this figure important? Because there are unfortunately 356 million children in poverty (figure is an approximate according to Unicef) – we have a lot of work to do!

How can I mint TJC CNFTs?

You can mint TJC CNFTs via Cardano Shelley wallets such as Daedalus, Nami, CCWallet and Yoroi. Please check the steps below to see a guide on how to purchase our CNFTs (for beginners):

Step 1: Transfer Fiat currency (e.g. USD/EUR/GBP) onto an exchange of your choice (e.g. Binance/Crypto.com/Coinbase)

Step 2: Use this Fiat currency to purchase Cardano (ADA)

Step 3: Transfer ADA to an external Cardano Shelley wallet (e.g. Daedalus/Yoroi)

Step 4: From the Cardano wallet, send the exact amount of ADA to the address (address will be provided at launch)

Step 5: Watch the positive impact that your involvement has had, enjoy your utility as a holder and own a unique collectible digital Teddy!

How can I trade my TJC CNFTs?

You will be able to trade TJC CNFTs on secondary markets such as CNFT.io, Tokhun and Artifct.

What is the refund policy?

If you send the wrong amount of ADA, this will be refunded to you. If there are no Teddy鈥檚 left and you have sent ADA, it will also be refunded to you. If, however, you send ADA from an exchange, this cannot be refunded.

How rare is my TJC CNFT?

They are all rare as there are only 7120 of them! If you鈥檇 like to see the rarity between the 7120 unique CNFTs, please check our rarity chart.

How do I benefit as a holder of this CNFT project?

Holders have been one of our central focuses and have been taken into consideration during the preparation and planning of this project. As a holder, you will receive multiple benefits. Please see the roadmap and the whitepaper for more detailed information.

How are you aiming to actually fight injustice?

We are planning on supporting those in need through a range of different actions. This includes teaming up with charities before launch, making donations to different charities post launch, liaising with organisations and children in need in different continents, donating proceeds of merchandise revenue and more! For detailed information on our charitable plans, please read our extensive Whitepaper which can be found on this website