Our next steps

for justice for helping for the children


Phase One (Pre-launch) - Q3-Q4 2021

Ideation of Wave 1

Project concept and research  ✅
Liaising with multiple charities for research purposes ✅
Creation of NFT concept/design ✅
Development of individual assets and traits ✅
Assess and testing prototypes/generative scripts ✅
Generation/testing of limited NFT along with Metadata ✅


Build a community through social media launch: Twitter and discord
Partnership with multiple charities including: Signing of contracts, engagement on social media, rights and permissions to collaborate ✅
Launch website with details of the project ✅
Releasing whitepaper/roadmap ✅
Initial reveal of NFT collection to the community ✅
Concept of Wave 1 released to the community ✅
Giveaways and promotions ✅
Verification on marketplaces including CNFT.io, Artifct, Tokhun.io ✅

Launch of Wave 1 NFT Collection! ✅


Phase Two (Post-Launch) – Q1 2022

Charitable Plans

Donation of agreed percentage with charities will be made
Delegating funding to appropriate causes
Transparency/updates amongst TJC community regarding donation amounts and areas of use
Research into further charitable plans including the consideration of different continents

Holders’ Care – Utility

Commence the community pool – accessible to holders only
Conduct Airdrops to random holders’ wallets
Release physical merchandise for holders
Launch soft toys merchandise – available for all but discount for holders – majority proceeds to charity
Giveaways/raffles for holders
List will be created for holders to gain early access to Wave 2


Phase Three – Q2 2022

Wave 2 Preparation and Launch

Graphic designer to create assets/artwork for Wave 2
Liaising with different charities for research purposes
Project concept to be revealed
Concept for Wave 2 to be released
Collaboration with other NFT projects
Prototypes to be tested and assessed
Generation of limited (will be less than Wave 1) NFTs with metadata
Promote/market Wave 2
Verification on marketplaces for new Wave/policy ID
Charity donations with different social causes
Raffles/giveaways to holders
Airdrop of unique NFTs to holders of both Waves of TJC

Launch of Wave 2 NFT Collection!


Phase Four/Five – Q3-4 2022

Wave 3 Preparation and Launch
Collaboration of a new set of charities with different social aims
Airdrops provided to holders of previous Waves
Promotion/Marketing of Wave 3 story and concepts
Charity App!